Adjustable collar for 8 Months Continuous Prevention From Flea and Tick silicone Collar for Dogs.

VET RECOMMENDED - SAFE & NATURAL – MOST natural form of pest control available for dogs. Fleas, ticks, and other pests always migrate upward. The collar is worn around the neck of your pet and will stop all pests before they reach the head. The entire body is protected but concentration around the neck will be highest.

Flea Tick Collar for Pets -8 Months Protection Waterproof Adjustable One Size Fits All

VARIOUS USES – If you do use pest control drops then you may also use the collar for short durations when you expect higher than usual contact with pests such as a visit to the woods or a farm. Collars can also be placed into vacuum cleaners to kill pests as you vacuum them up.

Long size:38cm Suitable for puppies Less than 8kg 63cm Suitable for dogs of any size

8 Month Flea/Tick/Mosquito prevention collar

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